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Location Rating System

When we visit a location listed on, we write a review on what the location has to offer our readers. We also attach a star rating to the location, based on the categories below:

There are 5 categories we score a location on:











Each of these categories is scored on a five point basis, with a score of one point being Poor, and a score of five points being Outstanding. We then take the average of all categories to determine the overall star rating.

Some locations can not be rated in every category. In those cases, we omit the category they can not be rated in, and take the average of the remaining categories to determine the overall star rating.

We try as much as possible not to rate the based only on the content of the location, as interest levels on a particular subject vary from person to person. How the subject is presented within the above five categories does factor into the rating.

The ratings are the opinion of the reviewers, and should be used only as a suggestion when determining if you would like to visit the location. Since everyone is different, our rating and review may not be the same as your own.