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Gettysburg National Military Park

Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-1124 x.8023

Gettysburg National Military Park covers most of the area around the town of Gettysburg, where in 1863 the North and South fought for three days in perhaps the best known battle of the American Civil War. Visitors today can retrace the steps taken by thousands of soldiers, seeing the over 1,300 monuments and markers.

Recommended Ages: Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors


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The Gettysburg battlefield is sprawling, from just northwest of town to several miles south. There are so many interesting sights along the roads, from small historical markers to elaborate monuments to the men who fought on both sides of the cause.

You can tour the battlefield one of several ways: Using the free map from available at the Visitor Center; using one of several available audio tours and driving in your own car; hiring a licensed guide from the Visitor Center, who will take you in your own car; or taking a commercial bus, bike, horseback, or Segway tour from one of the companies located in town.

Our recommendation would be to purchase one of the audio tours, which allows you to explore the battlefield in your own vehicle at your own pace, stopping when and where you want to explore even more, or to leave the battlefield for lunch or a break.

For a more specialized experience, hire a licensed guide, or take one of the specialty tours (bike, horseback or Segway).

Whatever method you choose, take the time to familiarize yourself with the layout of the battlefield with available maps, and remember to take time to get out and explore, seeing the variety of monuments, memorials, and interesting locations along the roads.

Also, be sure to drive carefully along the routes, especially at intersections. Also watch out for children (and adults) crossing the streets without looking, sometimes coming out in between cars.